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Video uploading, My Agenda and enhanced mobile design

AUTHOR: Ingar Hagen

We have made several updates and improvements to the Tappin system. With new functions like video uploading and publishing, my agenda en anhanced mobile design Tappin is giving you and your users even more functions and engadgement.

Video uploading and publiching

With the newly launched Video Uploading and Publishing function you can now upload videos directly to any event and publich them to your participants in promoted messages, infopages add them to agenda sessions, use them as stream on stages and sponsors and in many other ways.

You can see more about it on>>

My Agenda

The new My Agenda function let your participants add sessions from the event agenda to their own "My Agenda" in the app. With this function it is easier for your participants to build their own program for the entire event.

Add to My Calendar

Many of you have asked for this function, and now it is here. You can now add a "Add to My Calendar" function in your registration confirmation emails so that your participants can add your event to their Outlook, Google and Microsoft calendars directly.

Enhanced Mobile design

We have made a update to our mobile design to make it even more user friendly and easier to navigate. Key enhancements are:

  • Easier to use navigation manue

  • New "home" icon

  • Automatic closing of menu

  • Text and icon in the menue

  • Better picture resolutions

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