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Updates and improvements

AUTHOR: Ingar Hagen

We are happy to announce some improvements to Tappin. These news will make Tappin even better for you as an organizer and for your participants.

New functions in the Sponsor module

To make it even easier to use the Sponsor module for you and your participants we have made a couple of updates.


We have introduced categories to the Sponsor module. With this function you can place every sponsor into one or more catogories making it easier for your participant to find them.


In the participant view the participants can now search for sponsors or select a category to see all the sponsors within this category.

Lead generation

We have introduced the button "Send my information" on the Sponsor profile. This makes it possible for participants to send their contact information to the Sponsor directly.

New functions in the Agenda module

More functionallity to the My Agenda function

The My Agenda function has been updated with new functions like;

  • Limit how many seats is avilable - making the function a lightweight booking system

  • See and export list of participants that has added a session to their agenda.

Polls and Quiz updates

Coded polls and Quizes

We introduced coded polls a while back, now we have also introduced coded Quiz and Treasure hunts.

Export functions

Need to distribute results, codes for polls and quizes? We have introduced new export functions that you can use.

Result Streams for Quizes

Need to distribute results, our new and updated result stream urls has new functions both for quizes and polls.

More info on our web-site

You can read more about us and our services and solutions on

You can read about Hybrid events - A sustainable solution for the future.

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